Scooter racing

Scooter racing
After parking for the night, we'll still have time for a little racing

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Wow....Look at that!!!

  You can’t turn a corner in Montana without saying that! They have cornered the market on scenery. Yesterday, we set up at Reed Point RV, a great little place, and almost doubled the population. Seriously, this is the closest we’ve been to a wild west town. The population is 96 and all the buildings look like a movie set from a John Wayne western, up to and including the grain elevators and the herd of sheep right next to the RV park. We thought we had a sewer leak, but it turns out to be the sheep. Thank heavens, because we’re getting kind of tired of plumbing problems. The sheep can worry about themselves. We spent a beautiful afternoon doing a loop around small towns nearby and visited the home of “Liver-eating Johnson”, a local legend who killed the Crow Indians and ate their livers raw. This was the background for the movie Jeremiah Johnson. We got lost in the town of Nye, which seems impossible since it consisted of a house and a saloon. You just can’t trust a GPS! Today we hit the road at the crack of 9 and drove through Yellowstone from the North Gate through Mammoth Springs. It occurred to us that none of the literature on Yellowstone mentions the smell of sulphur. It was a very odiferous day. We meandered through one scenic loop after another, taking turns saying “Wow! Look at that!” We made it to Old Faithful (along with about 2000 other trekkers) and it was spectacular…. And on time. We kept seeing signs about wild life on the road, but the closest we came was a suicidal partridge and a curious groundhog. That is, until we started on the return trip and were stopped by a herd of buffalo roaming across the road. Boy are they big! After they moved on, we just kept driving to the West Gate, saying wow at regular intervals, and coming across more and more beautiful scenery. Really – they should lend some of this to less fortunate states. Prince was somewhat disappointed in it all because he really wanted to go into the bush and kick around looking for rattlesnakes, but, alas, some dreams you just have to abandon. So, after 10 hours, we saw deer but no antelope playing, buffalo roaming and lots of homes on the range. Kinda makes you want to sing. If we weren’t so tired we’d head for the saloon but we have lots of miles to do tomorrow.

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  1. Ohhhh didn't know you were in Montana! I'm in Kalispell and have been here 21 days --- heading to Glacier in the morning again!

    love love love it here!