Scooter racing

Scooter racing
After parking for the night, we'll still have time for a little racing

Thursday, 7 June 2012

DDD finally

On the advice of the friendly people at Moses Lake, we pulled up at Medical Lake just outside of Spokane in a beautiful RV park called Ponderosa Pines. True to form, we just could not get away from water – we were assigned the only lot that was nearly submerged and had that swampy look about it. And we all know you can’t get Wifi in swamps. So, we unhitched and off we went to Spokane and the first Diners, Drive-ins and Dives – the incredible Hill’s restaurant. We were greeted by Rhonda, the Surly Server (just kidding) who told us what Guy Fieri had tried and recommended a few dishes. We were treated like Royalty! Rhonda introduced us to Steve, the manager and co-owner. Steve very willingly posed for a photo with us. Then the Chef, Dave Hill, came out to talk to us and we had our photo taken with him. Prince decided to be his usual adventurous self and we ordered clams as an appy. Nui, being a south seas goddess, had had them before and enjoyed them. Prince, however, found that clams are an acquired taste and he didn’t quite acquire it before our entrees arrived. The highlight of the appy was that they came with the best, freshly baked, warm bread, baked by Chef Dave. Nui tried to persuade Prince to buy several loaves to bring back to the Beast, to no avail. But those entrees!!!!! Wow!!!!! We both had the Chicken breast with the fresh pancetta in a brie cheese sauce. The pancetta was made by Chef Dave as well. So was the excellent seasoned salt. We asked him if he even raised the chickens but he said no. We finished it all off with home-made huckleberry ice cream (also made by Chef Dave – surprise!) We had toyed with the idea of the habanero vanilla ice cream but felt it would have been too much after that delicious meal. This was one of the best meals that either of us has had! We certainly recommend Hill’s Restaurant to everyone! After that a quick trip to Walmart to buy supplies and back home to relax in the swamp.

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