Scooter racing

Scooter racing
After parking for the night, we'll still have time for a little racing

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Life of a Blogger is Not an Easy One.

We didn’t spend much time in Mitchell, SD. It’s biggest claim to fame is the incredible Corn Palace, whose outside murals are completely done with corn and grains. It’s an amazing site and they change themes every year. This year was dedicated to youth activities. Following that, we started to think about some of the things we had missed. We are sorry to say that we’re going to miss the Testicle Festival in Montana and the Whorehouse Days in Gilbert, ND. Prince mentioned that we had forgotten to visit the Enchanted Highway in ND, so we hightailed it north and decided to go West to see it. Along the way we were told about the amazing Medora Musical in an amphitheatre built into the bluffs of the Badlands. This was highlighted by a Pitchfork Fondue dinner, where they spear steaks on pitchforks and heave them into huge vats of oil. Naturally, we couldn’t resist. The steaks were awesome (and huge) and cooked to perfection. The Musical is really something to see – the backdrop of the Badlands just made the whole little (300 mile) detour worthwhile. The festivities were cut short by rain (of course, we were in the West), so this morning we turned around and came back to Jamestown. On the way back, we took a 32 mile detour to see the Enchanted Highway near Regent, ND. Enchanting isn’t the word. These sculptures are amazing – even more so because they are just sitting in fields, miles apart, on an almost completely deserted road. It’s truly inspiring to see what some people do with a little extra time on their hands….. 42 foot grasshoppers, for example. What was even more amazing was that the 32 mile inbound detour took something like 95 miles to get out of. Nui was getting a little concerned when some of the roads looked like they were nothing more than grass tracks and tractor trails. But she stayed on the paved parts and eventually we wound up back on the interstate. Tonight we’re camped next to an Old West fort and 3 sunglass wearing albino buffalo. Haven’t seen the buffalo yet, but we’ll try tomorrow before we leave for…….

A big thanks to Crossroads Repair Service in Jamestown, who helped us on our way by fixing the side mirrors, which were threatening to blow off, and refused to take any payment for the work. Thanks!!!


  1. hope u left enough beer for those poor americans lol Glad to hear u r having a great time see u soon


    1. everything in moderation...that's what I'm about!

  2. Deep fried steak and art. What more could anyone want! You guys are getting down right cultural:)

    Have fun and keep blogging


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