Scooter racing

Scooter racing
After parking for the night, we'll still have time for a little racing

Monday, 11 March 2013

Living vicariously at 36,000 feet

Or as my brother would say 857,392,714 cm.

Ah, economy class.... where you get jammed in tighter than sardines and you spend 5 hours desperately hoping that someone, somewhere, will offer you a glass of tepid tap water.  Unless, of course, you're sitting with my friend Paul.  Because Paul knows everyone - and everyone knows him.  For example - the head flight attendant on our flight.  The minute Paul was spotted, we were inundated with free drinks, free meals, free chocolate, free earphones.  I was afraid of napping in case I got buried under a mountain of "onboard cafe" items!  Needless to say, we arrived in Hawaii well fed, well hydrated and the envy of all economy (and most first class) passengers.

In full training mode
The weather in Waikiki has been glorious and the training for the Tour D'Ont is going very well.  I can sit quite comfortably on the beach for up to 8 hours at a stretch, with nary a cabana boy in sight.  Prince Porketta will be very proud of me I'm sure.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

The time to start training is now!

Well the training for the "Tour D"Ontario" later this summer has started. We left Sudbury and had a pleasant trip all the way to Georgia where tire troubles started to test my resolve. I think it's important to mention that i didn't have a drink the whole way... not a sip, not a sniff, not even a whiff of anything stronger than Pepsi. I call this part of the training "moral fortitude training" I finished it and now to the real training. The fist thing i have to do today is buy tires. We got as flat in Georgia and the guy at C & D Tires plugged it for the measly sum of $5.00. We knew it was going to be just luck that it held but away we went. The patch lasted to ALMOST our destination. We made it to 25 miles from our destination and the tire blew. this is a neat experience when you are travelling at 130 k/hr or as my American friends (and Canadian sister) would say 85 mph. The van started to wiggle and growl and i was able to get it to the side of the road without incident. I immediately pulled out my trusty CAA card and phone but before the call was completed a service truck from the Road Rangers pulled up and changed the tire and had us on our way in less than half an hour..all for no charge! Now I have to try and find a snow tire in southern Florida. Something tells me I am going back with 4 nrew tires and 3 snows tied to the roof, Between the tires on the roof and the scooter in the back we kind of look like the Griswolds on Vacation haha So now starts 14 days of sitting. I officially started last night with a cold beer and a light meal The lobster was delicious.... Now we are off to do some tire buying, beer purchasing and food acquiring all in preparation for some beach sitting. How is Nui doing with her training in Hawaii?