Scooter racing

Scooter racing
After parking for the night, we'll still have time for a little racing

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Warm in Wisconsin

Day 2 dawned bright and beautiful and only got more beautiful as the day wore on.  Incredible heat and sunshine!  The convoy rolled from Michigan into Wisconsin, and we started seeing very large signs for Seguin's Cheese and Treasures.  Of course, we couldn't resist since everyone knows you have to buy cheese in Wisconsin.  But we did hold back from buying cheesehead hats.  For now.
The convoy is working remarkably well and Sparerib is having no trouble keeping up with the speed and nimbleness of the Beast.  Even Nui managed to crank it up to a dizzying 66 mph, and keep it on the road.  She flew through constructions zones with barely a cone out of a place or a sign man diving for safety. The Prince was napping.

To really put S&S to the test, we camped overnight in a beautiful park unfortunately downwind from an apparently huge mass of cows.  The country experience was complete:  the AROMA, the flies,the AROMA, the mosquitoes, the AROMA, the primitive bathrooms, the AROMA, the missing showers..... all have come together to enhance the outdoor experience.  Prince has been warned that his wallet better be full when they get to Edmonton and it's time to cash in on the promise of shopping.

So far, so good

We Got Us A Convoy

Day one of the BBA (Big Beastly Adventure) Part 2 started off on schedule.  With the Beast leading the way, Prince's wife and daughter brought up the rear with a van full of luggage and shopping in their veins.  Sparerib and Shortrib are definitely NOT outdoorsy, but have embraced the RV lifestyle on the promise of an extended stay at the West Edmonton Mall.  So here we go.... day one.  Naturally, Mother Nature cried for us as we left Canada....buckets and buckets.  So S & S were baptized into the RV lifestyle with monsoon-type rain and a wicked thunderstorm. 

The problems with Wifi access have started already.  It's interesting that the people of Michigan blame the people of Wisconsin for the storm and the poor reception.  Clearly there is no love lost there.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Big Beastly Adventure Continues

The Prince and I were reminiscing about the "Big Beastly Adventure" and, in particular, the sour cream raisin pie at Olde Towne in South Dakota.  Prince decided to try his hand at recreating the dish, using 2 different recipes.  While the pies were good, they weren't Olde Towne good.  So naturally, after we caught up on a few refreshments (because everyone knows that you have to keep your fluid levels up or you'll make bad decisions), we decided that the only thing to do was to drive back to South Dakota and ask the chef for her recipe.

We leave on August 24th, accompanied by the Prince's family, Sparerib and Shortrib.  Our goal is to get back to Philipsburg by way of SD.  Along the way, we'll have a look at what Mt. Rushmore looks like from the opposite side.  We'll spend a couple of days digging for sapphires in P'burg, and then the Porketta family will head north to visit the West Edmonton Mall, and I will tackle the mountains on the way back to Vancouver.