Scooter racing

Scooter racing
After parking for the night, we'll still have time for a little racing

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Easter Eggs and Blown Spark Plugs

We headed north from Memphis, stopping overnight in Benton and then heading for Kankakee.  Mostly we wanted to go to Kankakee because the name Kankakee is really cool.  Kankakee…..Kankakee.  See what I mean?

About 20 miles outside of Kankakee, the Beast decided it had other plans.  I had just finished telling Lulu that the old boy was doing pretty well, when a familiar banging/rattling noise issued from the engine.  Yup….blew another spark plug.  Fortunately, I had remembered to renew Coachnet so, a couple of hours later a tow truck appeared and took us to the town of Watseka for service.  Watseka is tiny – you can’t even find it with Mapquest - but it has a huge Ford dealership and the people couldn’t have been nicer!  We boondocked overnight in the parking lot and the next day repairs got started on the Beast while we went out and took in the sights.  It took about 20 minutes (the sightseeing, not the repairs).  We found a little second-hand shop where I bought really cool birdhouse lights and we found a Chinese food buffet which was really good.  We had a bit of a scare when they told us that the previous repairs to the spark plugs might require extensive work, but in the end everything worked out and we were on our way to Kankakee.

Since we were only staying one night, we did what we do best.  Food.  Specifically, Easter Egg cookies.  We decorated them all up and admired them for about 30 seconds before eating them.  Are we the wild and crazy ones or what?!

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