Scooter racing

Scooter racing
After parking for the night, we'll still have time for a little racing

Monday, 9 June 2014

On a more positive note

Sorry about sounding so grumpy lately - the trip has been something of an adventure.  However, we wanted to also talk about some of the great things that have happened.

When we got to Yuma, the Shangri-La resort comped our week's stay which was exceptionally nice.  The next day, a call to a local RV service centre had 2 guys at our door within 20 minutes for a wash and wax of both the Beast and Zinger and the guys even washed and removed the sunscreens.

We’ve seen some great sights along the way and met some friendly people.  One of the highlights was our stop in Oakland, Oregon.  This is a small town with a lot of very quaint old Victorian buildings on its one and only street.  We stopped for lunch at Tolly’s, which is an amazing restaurant.  We sat in plush armchairs, surrounded by carousel horses, and were served phosphate sodas and some really amazing bread pudding.  Lunch was a bit odd – for some reason they put sweet pickled onions instead of sauerkraut in their reuben sandwiches.  It’s probably an acquired taste.
The first night we ate at Shari's Restaurant in Portland, where Nui finally got to try a Cuban sandwich (for those who love the Dexter series, you'll know what that means).  It was amazing - certainly worth the long trip from Vancouver.

We stayed at Best Westerns along the way, which were all great.  However, the best was in Redding, CA where we were greeted by platefuls of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  Even better, we were told about a restaurant called Dill's who delivered free of charge.  We each got the "Pig Vicious" sandwich, which was pulled pork, bacon, smoked ham and pickles.  Absolutely delicious!!!  It was so huge that we could only eat half and wound up eating the other half for breakfast.  If you live anywhere near Redding, you have to try this sandwich!
Considering that we’re both diabetics, this trip may just kill us at the rate we’re going.

Of course, we are still much obliged to the ladies in the white car who helped us get out of El Paso in one piece.

We saw some beautiful sights along the way – truly awe inspiring countryside.  And, even though it’s stinking hot, the weather has been beautiful since we left.

We’re glad we stayed an extra day in Van Horn.  The temps have dropped and we even managed to get the doghouse secured and the car boosted, courtesy of a friendly mechanic named Juan.  It still amazes us that there are so many services that cater to RV’ers here in the USA.  We placed the call to the garage at 4 pm and by 5 o’clock, Juan was at our door.  Ladies….Juan is newly single and he’s kinda cute.  Just sayin’…..
So tomorrow we're off to Abilene, a little the worse for wear but very well fed.

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  1. Knowing who one of the characters in the story is, who is the other "we"? Oh my goodness it is hot in the desert this month, no rain, just blistering heat. Please take care and drink lots of liquid, notice I said liquid which includes 2 litres of water per day. Have fun you two and keep up the good work finding those helpful guys to support your adventure.