Scooter racing

Scooter racing
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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Hell on the Highway....Part One

The problem with buying a used RV is that, sooner or later, things start to fall apart.  Unfortunately, the things that fall apart are the things that you really, really, really need.  Air conditioning, for example.

We left Vancouver on Monday morning and arrived in Yuma on Thursday evening.  We knew we were going to be in trouble when we got out of the car in Palm Springs and were hit by 112F heat (that’s 45C for you metric types).  It was like being in a blast furnace.  By the time we got to Yuma, the temps had cooled quite a bit and it was only 104F.  Balmy!

That’s when we found out that the coach’s main air conditioner doesn’t really work all that well.  The automatic function doesn’t kick off but it still manages to cool quite well on a low setting.  (Note to self:  get it fixed.)

 Did I mention that the engine A/C doesn’t work at all?  (Note to self:  get it fixed.)

Day 1 on the return trip to Ontario was an adventure in hell.  We thought we could get by with just the windows open but realized after about an hour and a half that we were both on the verge of heat stroke.  That’s when the dog house blew out (again) and the hot air from the engine came blasting into the coach (Note to self:  get it fixed.)

The only thing left to do was to turn on the generator and run the main cabin’s A/C, which helped a lot.  Nui drenched a towel and wrapped it around her shoulders because she was starting to see double by that point.  RRR laid on her bed and crashed for an hour under the direct blast from the A/C vents. 

 We made it to Benson, AZ in one piece and spent a nice, COOL night at the Cochise Terrace Resort, where we had spent Hallowe’en last year.

RRR said that she would never again complain about -40 degree weather, even if it happened in July.

 More to follow…..

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