Scooter racing

Scooter racing
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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Beast and Zippy Get A Facelist

You should see the Beast these days!  As I may have mentioned, backing up is a talent I haven't quite mastered.  The one who suffers most is the poor Beast.  Last year I smacked into a tree which was concealing a six foot tall iron beam encased in cement.  The question of why anyone would put a post like that in the middle of a hedge has never been answered.  Anyhow, the bumper was cracked from top to bottom and, while duct tape held it together for awhile, it wasn't a great fix.  The person who runs the RV lot told me he could fix it and proceeded to glue the bumper together using huge globs of pink Bondo.

On my way East last summer, I managed to inflict additional (and almost identical) damage to the other side of the bumper when I slammed into a concrete post at the US border.

Just to keep my car Zippy from feeling left out, I also managed to scrape the whole side of it when I turned too sharply into a parking spot and hit…you guessed it….a concrete post.

 NOTE TO SELF:  Avoid concrete!  It’s bad for bumpers.

 Well, on my first day back, one of the mobile RV repair people happened by and offered to fix both the Beast and Zippy for a very reasonable price.  In fact, it was about a quarter of the price that ICBC quoted me for the car and the initial bumper damage (pre-US border).  On top of that, he painted the front bumper because it was showing sun damage, repaired and painted minor scratches along the sides and he polished up the decals around the coach.  He then primed and painted Zippy's door and bumper. The Beast looks marvellous and Zippy is back to being all green again!  I swear the car drives better now than it has since I dinged it.
While I was away, I also had major repairs done on the living room slide, which started to shake loose in Arkansas.  By the time I got here, large chunks of wood were falling out of the slide every time I opened it.  Turns out the bolts holding it in place had sheared off and the floor was starting to disintegrate.  This would have added a whole new meaning to the term "air conditioning" if the thing had fallen off while I was driving.  sigh....
Thank you to Lee and Bill for doing so much work!
I really appreciate all these mobile services out here in Yuma.  If you need repairs, it's worth the drive!

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