Scooter racing

Scooter racing
After parking for the night, we'll still have time for a little racing

Monday, 17 October 2011

Day 1: Sept 2/11 It's Official.... I am Insane

If there was ever any doubt, it’s long gone.  Here’s a bit of advice:  never learn to drive a 34-foot motorhome on the Friday before the last sunny long weekend of the summer!

I have never had such a tense weekend in my life!  It started out on Friday, when I came outside to find my car had a 1-inch spike in the tire.  BCAA had to come out and fix it, which put me 1.5 hours late for my driving lesson in the new RV.

By the time we got going, it was nearly noon.   So where does the driving instructor take me?  Through downtown Chilliwack and it’s very narrow packed streets at lunch hour!  Then we went on the highway and I discovered that curves are very scary things when you’re driving something this big.  We brought the rig to the park where I was registered and he showed me how to back it in (which, BTW, was the easiest thing I had to do all weekend).  Then he wanted me to drive him back to the RV lot to get his car and he said we’d take the scenic route – which put us through downtown Agassiz and then downtown Chilliwack at 3 p.m.!  I only ran 1 red light (the instructor said I don’t pay enough attention..... well duh – I was busy looking at mirrors every 2 seconds)

I dropped him off and then I was on my own (which actually felt a little better – I don’t do well when people are hollering instructions at me).  Anyhow, I drove back to the campsite, managed to back it in with no help, got the jacks down and the slides out, then I marched over to the liquor store and bought some booze!  I was shaking like a leaf by this time!

The weekend was spent testing out the various systems (for instance, the toilet is completely plugged – b*stard never cleared the tanks!  Or else I have a tank the size of my bladder).

Monday, I managed to get everything drained, unhooked and back in and off I went – on Labour day Monday in the heart of camping country.  I brought it back to the RV lot for storage.   When I got there, the guy was in a real hurry to leave.  I pulled my car beside the RV to load it up and when I came back out, the guy had left and locked me into the lot!!!   I couldn’t reach him by phone, and couldn’t find a locksmith willing to cut the lock off the gates.  After nearly 2 hours, I called the police, who came out and were going to cut the bolt off.  Just then, one of the owners called and told us where to find a key they keep hidden on the outside.

All in all, it was a very eventful weekend.  People keep telling me it’ll get easier.  I sure hope so!

Note:  Fat person #2 will be coming on Board in June 2012, which should give me just about enough time to learn to drive this thing.  Maybe

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  1. Ahhhhh starting out is so much fun! It gets better!!