Scooter racing

Scooter racing
After parking for the night, we'll still have time for a little racing

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Walk of Shame

We’re still having trouble with our timing.  Jackie and I felt quite smug that we had planned our schedules to the point where we could arrive at all of the scheduled events at least 10 minutes early.  So it came as quite a shock to find out that we were always the last to arrive.  Nothing compares to walking into a room and having 150 people stop talking en masse and stare at you as you do the walk of shame to try to find a seat.

In theory, every activity starts at 6:30 p.m.  In reality, most people arrive around 6 pm. (or earlier).  This explains why old people all seem to have dinner at 4 p.m.  I always thought it was just a sign of old age and felt kind of sorry for them.  I was wrong!   It turns out that all these old people have secret lives and the party starts at 6:30 (and ends promptly at 8 p.m.).  And if you want a seat, you’d better be there by 6 p.m. by golly.

In the last couple of weeks, Jackie and I have actually gone out to dinner at 4 p.m.  We have also given new meaning to the term “dine and dash”.  Crock pot cooking is now almost mandatory.  We’ve mastered the art of eating, cleaning up and getting out the door within 15 minutes.  This retirement business is exhausting!

Another skill we've (almost) mastered is the "wearing of the badge".  When we arrived, we were issued a name tag which is to be worn at all times and particularly if you are playing games that involve money (it's a law in Texas).  And we're talking serious money here - last night, for instance, I won $1.80 (USD) in two games of 31.  Jackie is the all time winner, though - she won $13.75 in quarters at Card Elimination.  And our big discussion, at Tripoli, was how pennies can get moldy in a sealed container and should you wash them or not.  Mind-numbing discussions, I know. No wonder we're exhausted!  Seriously, we've calculated that it costs us about $7.00 a week to pay for all the games.  Sadly we had not factored this into the budget but we're making do.

After a few (a lot) of false starts where we had to do a second walk of shame to go write our names on little scaps of paper, we've finally gotten to the point where we remember the badge 90% of the time.  Especially when we don't actually need it - like for ice cream, dominoes and snackers.

We still haven't mastered the concept of "snackers".  They just mysteriously appear at random events.  Obviously some people are getting the memo but we still never know if, where or when to bring snacks.  We are given a lot of leeway, though, since Jackie and I are considered the "young'uns" around here.

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