Scooter racing

Scooter racing
After parking for the night, we'll still have time for a little racing

Thursday, 11 September 2014

We Made It....but not where we expected

We arrived in Mission, TX which is part of McAllen, which is part of Pharr, which is part of Edinburg.  For all we know it's also part of Donna, Harlingen and Brownsville.

We pulled into the Mission Bell RV Resort and got to our assigned lot.  OMG!!!!  This was a dump - it didn't even look like a lot.  There were old hoses, broken concrete and tree branches all over the place, the lot looked more like a gravel pit than a gravel pad and the trailer next door had 3 foot weeds growing around it.  My sister's lot looked even worse - there was a huge tree stump right in the middle of where she'd have to park!  I took one look and said "no way"!  This is rated as the best in Mission, so I hate to see what's worse.

Anyhow, the managers took us to the Trade Winds (a sister RV park) across the road and, after saying no to lots where we'd have to back up AROUND palm trees that are right in the middle of the parking space, we found two lots that are close to the pool, the laundry, the showers and are also in pretty good shape.  We're now installed at the Trade Winds and will stay here for a little while.  It is extremely hot and humid and a bit windy.  The humidity and wind don't bother me so much but my brother is about ready to collapse.  He says the wind is the only saving grace.  So far, the people have been very friendly and helpful so there's hope.  I'll keep an open mind.I'm a bit worried about the winter since they say it only goes to about 60 and, with the wind, it'll be even cooler.  I predict I'll be on the move for warmer climes come January. 

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