Scooter racing

Scooter racing
After parking for the night, we'll still have time for a little racing

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Beast Appears to be Cursed!

Okay…. I know that there are a lot of people who don't think I should be travelling alone.  Apparently the gods have received the message because something out there is trying hard to keep me in one place.

 First, the Skagit River bridge fell down.  That was a bad omen.

Then, there was the leak under the sink.  I have a water filter and the cartridge is leaking - a lot.  Naturally, you have to have a PhD in plumbing to be able to repair it.  Right now, there's a plastic dish under it, catching water.

So last night, I hear a hiss coming from under the sink.  When I looked, there was black, oily water dripping everywhere.  There was an inch of it in the cupboards.  Something blew…don't know what and I sure as heck don't want to experiment trying to find out.  Thanks heavens I have the water tank system, although I'm sure that's the next to go.  I was so grateful that Paul was there - he grabbed everything and took it to the washroom to rinse it off, while I soaked up the mess.  Wish he was coming with me...he's both ornamental and functional (usually not at the same time).

Then this morning, coming through the border, I hear a crunch and find out that I've clipped their pole (and why don't they make those spots bigger!?  Stupid border people).  Anyhow, just cosmetic damage but it was a bad entry into the US.  The border guys were pretty cool about it - didn't even charge me for repainting their pole.  Maybe they were afraid I'd sue them for putting the pole in the Beast's way.  Plus they were all really cute.  There's always a silver lining :-)

So, after very little sleep, no food (still haven't had time to buy any) and 7 hours of driving, I arrive at Moses Lake, grab a cold adult beverage (thank you Paul for buying it!) and look at my poor dinged up, scraped up Beast……. And notice that the awning looks funny.  Sure enough, it is sheared off from the retaining pole!  WTF!!!

Then I walk back in and the entire antenna control has fallen to bits.  Not that it matters, since I can't get the TV to work anyhow.

Seriously, I'm getting p*ssed off.  Chris, the RV repair person and our rescuer from last year who fixed the shower, is going to fix everything tomorrow.  He is such a nice guy….and if you are ever in Moses Lake, contact Chris Cooper for ALL of your repairs or to buy a new RV (which is beginning to sound like a good idea). 

Good thing I'm fond of the Beast because, if it was a horse, I would shoot it.


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