Scooter racing

Scooter racing
After parking for the night, we'll still have time for a little racing

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Prince Has Arrived!

Prince Porketta has made it to Vancouver, thanks to the tender loving care of the people at Air Canada.  Just as he touched down, the clouds parted and brilliant rays of sunshine descended on our rain-drenched city.  An omen?  A portent of things to come?  Are those angels I hear singing in the distance?

The Prince and I wasted no time in accelerating our training for the Big Beastly Adventure.  We immediately set forth to resume our vigorous schedule of marathon sitting and food consumption.  Of course, we also rigorously continued our efforts to maintain adequate fluid levels which, as we all know, will keep us from making bad decisions.

Our loyal readers will be pleased to learn that we are in top form for this Trek and truly feel that we will be able to travel 1.6 hours per day, as scheduled.

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